Internal transport

WUWER company

The WUWER Sp. z o.o. company from Ruda Śląska deals with comprehensive production of internal transport systems and automation of internal logistics processes. We are an international leader in providing an optimal solution for transport between machines and in-warehouse transport for the woodworking and furniture industries – we specialize in the transport of heavy packages.

Our goal is to create a logistics system so as to make the best use of the production plant or warehouse. Regardless of whether it is transport between machines, an automated warehouse or another technological line, we optimize the material flow, maximize efficiency and automate the production process.

We treat each production line individually – after analysing the material flow and machine performance – we optimize the line operation and select the best solution. We automate production, most often in plants of the furniture and wood processing industries. However, our solutions are also successful in the heavy industry, food industry, automotive, plastics processing and many other industries. We are proud that our specialized equipment, automatic warehouses and transport lines operate successfully on 5 continents.
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